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Boldly going……. To say Farewell

It is with a heavy heart we announce the departure of our artist Matt Shults. Recently, he requested a hiatus from the studio to deal with some personal matters and has let us know that he will not be returning. He drew the first three issues of “The Box”. We let him know that he is welcome to come back at any point. He and his work will be missed. Good luck to you, sir.

At this point Brandon and Tyrell will be assisting with the artwork of any future issues of The Box until a new artist has been placed on the project.

Atlas the Great

This one is moving along. Tyrell has plotted out the next few issues of the story and with Marlene’s help, we should have some sneak peaks out for this one soon!

Painting Puppies!

This project is going well Ana (or Keel as she goes by on our company discord channel) is a few pages into the coloring of this one. Hopefully she doesn’t pull all her hair out with some of our revision requests!

In Good Spirits!

We are excited to announce that we are going to (re)launch this in July. We are deciding whether or not we are going to post 2 or three a week, but this will be our second official webcomic launch. Stay tuned for the misadventures of Trevor, Anne, and Soli!

BOLD folks!

This week we hear from our illustrious team writer Marlene Schmidt! She is one of our founding members and no matter how much of a challenge we give her, she always finishes with style and grace that has become a staple to our team.

Brandon: First and foremost, thanks for doing this. Here we go. How do you like being part of the team and why did you decide to join?

Marlene: I like being part of BBMTY--it's a step I can take to making my writing a career, rather than just a hobby. Dreams don't come true if you sit and do nothing, and I can't make comics on my own. I'm glad I get to be on a team of other dreamers who will work with me so we can all make our goals come true.

Brandon: What do you typically do while you are waiting for the next writing assignment?

Marlene: In between writing assignments, I just live life. I have a day job as a lifeguard, and in my off hours I play online games or roleplaying games with my best friend. I also read a lot, especially manga. My imagination runs wild when I have free time, so I write down all the interesting ideas I get to use later.

Brandon: Is there a particular project that you are the most excited about right now?

Marlene: I'm excited about "Painting Puppies!" It's a different project than I usually do, and it was a collaboration of sorts. I'm excited to show the other collaborator the finished book and see her reaction!

Brandon: I know that we recently had a bit of a hiccup with ESPECTRO here at BBMTY. What was it like seeing that project be put on pause?

Marlene: I was disappointed that Espectro was halted. I'd been working on that story since before I joined BBMTY, and I was looking forward to seeing it published. But life happens. It'll be created eventually.

Brandon: Being that you and Tyrell are our West Coast team members compared to Brad and myself. How has your surroundings influenced your writing?

Marlene: I'm not on the West Coast exactly--I live in Utah. I've spent my life surrounded by mountains and Latter-Day Saints (I'm a member of the church myself), so I've had a pretty sheltered life. I think that's made me more exploratory in my writing. There's a lot of situations and problems in the world that I'll never experience myself, but I want to understand them, and I want other people to understand them as well. As I research cultures and social issues and try to portray them accurately in fiction, it makes me more aware of them in real life. So that's how my setting has influenced my writing: it's made me want to look beyond my own home.

Brandon: Anything else that you would like to say to our readers?

Marlene: Never hesitate to comment on our comic. It's a great motivator to see how people are reacting to my work.

Mighty afterthoughts…

We understand that sometimes life looks and feels messy.  With the departure of Matt and some other challenges hitting BBMTY Studios members in the last few months, we could give up at any time and just go our separate ways. Here at BBMTY Studios we want to make sure that everyone sees that we face these challenges head on with grace and transparency.  Our true goal is to lift each other up while making the best products possible.

Thank you for sticking with us. We will see you next week!


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