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Our Approach

In his 2012 keynote address at The University of the Arts, the great Neil Gaiman shared many wise words. But of all those words, three simple ones resonate with us—“Make good art.” At BBMTY Studios, we strive to do just that. No compromises, no excuses.

Our Story

We all started out working for a different small comic company. Once we discovered how well we all worked together, we felt that it was time to branch out on our own and work on more personal projects. Every project at BBMTY Studios is a true collaboration that every member of the team has a deep stake in.

Meet the Team


Brad Huffman-Parent


A writer, editor, game designer, police officer, and Air Force veteran with four kids, six cats and two dogs. He recently finished his BS in Game Design and Development with an Interactive Storytelling concentration, and now that he has free time…he has immediately gone back to working on comics again.  Brad is also writing for a new MMORPG that’s in development.

Follow him on Twitter @Bradneedscoffee


Brandon Terry


An artist and designer that lives in South Carolina with his wife and their two "fur babies"--Harper the dog and Winston the rabbit. He has been doing freelance work for the past 5 years. He spends most of his spare time playing video games or role playing games.

Follow him on Twitter @designbackwards
You can find his other works here 



Marlene Schmidt


Born and raised in Utah. Her favorite animals are cats and platypuses—"they’re so cute!" She enjoys reading, everything from novels and comics to fanfiction—"there’s some excellent work out there done by fans." When not reading, writing, or enjoying cartoons, she is usually roleplaying with friends.


Tyrell Deaver


A comics artist based in San Diego,CA with previous works from WP Comics LTD, a story in the Thrillvault anthology, the successful Kickstarter project The Chair and various webcomics. He’s currently working on BBMTY Studio's Espectro and a personal project Grimsthorne. When not drawing, he's usually thinking about drawing or working on music.

Either way you can find Tyrell easily on twitter: @deaverdrawings or check out more of his work here


Ana ELizabeth



A designer, illustrator and an independent comic creator. She currently has aspirations to become a professional illustrator and to create a small studio. Since she was little she has liked to draw and has always dreamed of having a publishing studio to tell stories.

Former Team Members and Associates

We know that they are not with us anymore, but we wont forget them and their contributions.

Claudia "Yusmilla" Garcia (Artist - Espectro)
Hugh Orr (Artist/Designer - Espectro)
Matt Shults (Artist - The Box)