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The Box

An anthology story series about a strange box of unknown origins. Shrouded in mystery, appearing and disappearing at a whim. What does it hold? And do any dare to explore its secrets?

The Gambler

A down-on-his-luck gambler stumbles into an odd casino. But the stakes here may be higher than he's willing to pay.

the girl in the mirror

A woman suffering from heartbreak. An inexplicable shadow in her reflection. A lifeless forest. Can she escape her nightmare before It's too late?

The Boy

A boy caught in a life he doesn't understand and in a world he feels doesn't want him. Feeling isolated, he finds THE BOX. What adventure waits for "The Boy"?

The Dog (coming soon)

What happens when THE BOX chooses not someone but something else? Follow our mascot on his harrowing adventure just for a bite to eat...

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