Spotlight: Cardboard

Time for another comic spotlight! Today’s recommendation is from Marlene, the main writer for ESPECTRO and THE BOX.

Cardboard, by Doug Tennapel; published by Scholastic.

Plot: A struggling widower gives his son the only birthday present he can afford–a cardboard box. But this is no ordinary box, and it will change their lives and their neighborhood forever.

“Doug Tennapel is one of my favorite graphic novelists. He has a skill for weaving relatable emotions into fantastical situations. His plots are unique and gripping, yet his characters are well-developed and show a lot of growth through the story’s progression. Even if you’ve never adopted a T-rex or been stranded on a haunted island, you can still relate to the protagonists and their journeys. There’s also a lot of tender family moments, which I always love in stories. Cardboard was the first comic I read by Tennapel, and I’ve been his fan ever since.”

If you enjoy fantasy and compelling family relationships, Cardboard is sure to please. Read it and tell us what you think!

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