Spotlight: The Crow

We here at BBMTY Studios love reading comics as well as making them. As part of the blog, we’ll be sharing some of our favorites.

Today’s recommendation comes from Brandon, our art director.

“The Crow” by James O’Barr. Published by Caliber Press.

Plot: Eric Draven and his fiancé, Shelley, are killed by a group of thugs when their car breaks down. Eric gets resurrected as The Crow and seeks vengeance on those that committed the atrocities against him and his fiancé.
“This comic for me is one I always go back to. I lost my father in my early teens and found that the emotional upheaval of the character was one that I connected to. The main character must deal with a version of survivor’s guilt and rage at the fact that someone so precious to him was taken. He finds that the justice he seeks, though seemingly fair, sometimes offers more peace to the victims of his vengeance than him. This book carries the weight of a tragic loss and puts those feelings on paper. Though it is sad, it is a beautiful story.
This is definitely a comic meant for adults. It was written in the 80’s and the artwork shows the era. The monochromatic pallet can feel like it may not keep your interest, but the reader quickly gets used to it. I don’t like calling it horror, but it really is. The depiction of violence can be a bit much for some readers so please read with caution. I would recommend this comic to anyone mature enough to deal with these types of adult emotions.”

There you have it! If you’re a fan of horror and looking for something new to read, give The Crow a try!

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