Hey friends, family, and other good folk! Here’s this weeks hot scoop coming from the wonderfully Bold studio you have come to love! This week we only have a few updates for you, all but they’re good.

The Box:  Brandon (THAT’S ME!) started roughing out the pages and Brad and Marlene are okay with what they have seen so far for “THE DOG” (finger’s crossed). We should be good for the same schedule we had with Matt, and you wonderful people won’t notice the change aside from a different art style.

Atlas the Great: Tyrell and Marlene are getting the first few pages together to give you wonderful folks a sneak peak at our new project!

Painting Puppies: Our artist Keel has been cranking away at this one. All the inks have been approved and we are moving along to colors for the illustrations! Once that is done, we are going to start laying out the book! I’m super excited to see what the future holds for this project!

The rest of our projects are moving along. Progress is our goal for most of them at this point. “One step forward, even in error, is better than no steps at all!”

Additional Content INBOUND!

We have additional content coming! Brandon is going to make some time lapse videos that we are going to put on YouTube for our followers. We originally were going to keep these on our Patreon, but why not let them be out for everyone to view and we can come up with other exclusive vids for our loyal Patreon folks too!

The BOLD Truth

As a bonus to this week’s announcements, we wanted to spotlight members of our staff. This week we investigate the mind behind some of our madness. Our Editor and Chief Brad Huffman-Parent. We are going to softball some questions and comments his way and let him offer up his opinions: I mean that’s kind of his job here at the studio so…. Why not right?


Brandon: Why did you want to join/create BBMTY Studios? You were an editor somewhere else right?

Brad: Oh, come on, you know this story. But let’s tell our readers. The original five founders of BBMTY were all working for this other small publisher at some point.  The Editor in Chief there was a great guy with a huge vision, and he gave me a lot of responsibility in a short time that taught me so much about the business.  But it wasn’t quite the vision I had for my own work, or the type of stories that I wanted to tell.

I don’t want to sound like I’m being negative towards anyone, but I also had some issues with how much they were trying to get done at once, and things were spread so thin that it felt like no single project was ever making any progress.  One of the founding principles of BBMTY is “Know Our Limits”.  I wanted to focus on creating 2-3 quality projects that actually see completion rather than juggling 20 projects that keep falling apart.

Brandon: Given that you started your own company vs working with someone else. Do you have any advice for people thinking about doing the same?

Brad: Find people you like and trust.  There’s way more to this than just talent.  You can find the most amazing artists and writers, but if you don’t connect with them and enjoy working with them, what’s the point?  Where’s the joy in that creation when it’s all business?  We do this because we love it, not for money (good thing, because we aren’t making any).

The main reason why BBMTY works and that we’re getting things done is because we all like each other (I feel like Marlene may hate me a little every time I send her corrections and changes on a script, but she gets over it). We’ve never met in person, but we’re a family. Hopefully it shows in our work that we’re having fun doing this.

Brandon: Where did your ideas come from when talking about “The Box” with the team?

Brad:  You and Marlene have great individual story ideas and gave me a great base to work from.  I was a huge fan of the TV show Lost, and I love the idea of these stories having these fun connections between them even when some can completely stand alone aside from the box itself being a part of it.  The readers haven’t seen most of this yet, but it’s not just the characters and stories, there are some common themes that will be connecting everything too.

Aside from Lost, the stories that I’ve contributed to so far (The Gambler part 1 and The Boy part 1) both have lots of inspiration from different movies. Not exactly in the story, but the tone and feel. Gambler was meant to invoke The Shining (I originally wanted the carpet of the casino to look like the carpet from the hotel in Kubrik’s film) and then I think the Saw influence is obvious.  Now that we’re far enough into The Boy, I can say that The Howling inspired that one.

Brandon: Do you have any immediate plans for the studio other than what has been announced?

Brad: Aside from what we’ve announced, I don’t think so. I’ve seen too many people fail by trying to take on too much at once, so I want to be sure that our workload keeps us busy but doesn’t overwhelm us to the point where nothing actually gets done. I just want us to keep doing the best we can and have fun while doing it.

Brandon: So you write along side Marlene at times. The team knows that you want to be a writer but had to give up some due to life coming along. Do you want to write anything in particular for the studio?

Brad: I do have one Box story I plan to write, which is more fitting for the next question so I’ll say more about it there. I have a folder of documents with every idea I’ve had forever.  There are a few of them that I’d eventually like to write and publish under the BBMTY banner. One of these has been on my mind a lot lately, and that’s another one that might be best talked about in the next question.

Brandon: We at the studio know that you served in the Air Force (thank you for your service!). Do you think that BBMTY Studios would eventually have stories that would involve the military?

Brad:  I don’t think this is the place for any actual military war stories, showing combat and such, but the two stories I mentioned above both involve military veterans and tackle PTSD and suicide. The first is a story of a suicidal veteran recently returned from Iraq who finds himself trapped in the box. This one is planned for much later on, as we’re still introducing our main cast of characters. And maybe I was wrong, there is one upcoming chapter that will involve someone fighting in wartime, but…that’s all I’m going to say to avoid spoiling anything.

The other story is something that I’m expecting to be about 4 standard comic size issues. Right now the title in my head is “Spouse Disposal Inc” It’s about a veteran with PTSD and his wife who accidently kill the abusive husband of one of her friends and cover it up to make it look like an accident. After her friend receives a huge life insurance settlement, they decide to start a business of murdering abusive partners to help people get the insurance (and get free from abuse). Of course things go very badly for everyone. It’s a pretty twisted story that uses a dark sense of humor to tackle a very serious topic, both his untreated PTSD and the victims who can’t find the help they need to be safe from their abusers.


That’s it for this week folks! Stay tuned for more wonderful content from us!

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